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Around the world there are quite a number of monuments and memorials dedicated to the crews and personnel of many airships and airship personalities from the 1900's. This series of pages is an attempt to document as many of these monuments and memorials as can be found.

As such, this "Airship Monuments" page (which includes monuments, memorials, and gravesites) is divided into individual countries to avoid any one page becoming so long as to be unreasonable even for today's high-speed Internet connections found in many places around the world. Please choose from one of the menu items below. Your selection will open in a new page. The "Return" button on each page can be used to return to the previous page. The "Home" button always returns to the main "Then & Now" page. Note that the "Museums" page is not yet developed (TBD).

Note: Since I first published this set of Pages on April 19, 2017, I have become aware of monuments in Russia, Belgium, and located a missing monument in the USA! I also found two more markers in the UK, and coincidentally, the day I posted these pages, a new monument to the R-101 was dedicated in Shortstown, UK, near Cardington! In the coming weeks I will be updating these pages with the details and locations of these "new" finds.